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Blood Bowl Score Board

I needed a way to keep track of the score when using some of my gaming mats, so I whipped this little gem up,

The original idea was to just add the score plaques as needed and keep the rest to the side, but I found it’s more practical to leave them on and just remove them as needed. Which of course means I need to make zome Zeros.

With some paint it looks more like this

Free Printable Blood Bowl Resources 2010

Blood Bowl Pic

I put together a list of free printable Blood Bowl resources.

BLOOD BOWL DUGOUTS – I made these simple to use black and white dugouts to keep track of turns, re-rolls, reserves, KO’d, Dead, and Injured.

SCATTER TEMPLATES – Any time the ball leaves a player’s hands and touches the field it scatters. I made these simple to use black and white templates to replace the out of print ones from the box set.

BLOOD BOWL 6TH Edition – Yorkshire Turf Edition
This version of the living rulebook was put together by BB Fanatics and incorporates the 3 approved teams missing from the GW version of the rulebook, as well as a nicer layout, and includes some of the popular optional rules.

BLUE REFERENCE CARD – includes most of the tables you would use during a game, from Zlurpee.

RED REFERENCE CARD – includes the pre and post game charts, as well as the campaign charts, from Zlurpee.

GREEN REFERENCE CARD – Has all the passing rules and can replace the passing measuring tool, from Zlurpee.

I made this pitch, it’s 300 DPI, nearly 70 Megs, and 24″x36″. Clicking on the image will direct you to the full sized version.

Blood Bowl Bloodweiser Twins Paper Miniatures

There may be no finer way to spend 50,000 Inducement Gold in Blood Bowl than to hire one of the Bloodweiser Twins. Angelina and Jolee will have your boyz standing at attention.
BloodWeiser Twins

I whipped these paper minis up for my Blood Bowl League, and I figured I share them with you. They are in the OneMonk Style (30mm, front and back art, black outline, etc..)