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Print your own Paper Cardstock Warhammer 40K Armored Munitorum Containers Terrain

This is what I’ve been up to the last few days.

Containers (4)

Started by printing out this image.
Armored Munitorum Cargo Container 2x4 Blue

Cut it out, then glued it to a cereal box.
Containers (1)

I notched where the folds were, then flipped it over. Next, I took a ruler and pen and scored the fold line on the back.
Containers (3)

Fold and glue.
Containers (2)

Alternate color schemes


Armored Munitorum Cargo Container 2x4 Red

Armored Munitorum Cargo Container 2x4 Green

Armored Munitorum Cargo Container 2x4

FREE Dave Graffam Miniatures Terrain Paper Model: Observatory


Enjoy this cool new FREE model from the minds of Thomas Weaver (AKA Tommygun) and Dave Graffam . Tommy’s geometry combined with Dave’s textures give you something fun and unique to add to your fantasy, medieval or steampunk games.

The Observatory is designed to work stand alone, or as an add-on to Dave’s upcoming Inventor’s House model, so if you’re planning to pick that one up, this is a great way to get started on it.

Fat Dragon Games 25% OFF 4th of July Sale !!


Fat Dragon Games is having their BIGGEST sale of the year. 25% OFF their ENTIRE Catalog.

Mc Dooms

Nows a great time to pick up anything you were procrastinating about, or take the plunge and get into the hobby with one of the Bundle deals. The bundles already offer you a discount and even they have been marked down 25% off for this sale.

Dragon Shire Delixe