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Warhammer 40,000 Khorne Daemonkin Formations Preview


The main feature of the Khorne Daemonkin formations is that they follow the same new format of the Necron Decurion where you pick a core formation and add supllementary formations instead of using the tradition Combined Arms Detachment.


2-8 Chaos Space Marines, Berserkers, or Bloodletters
1-4 Possessed
0-2 Chaos Cultists
0-2 Chaos Spawn
– if this is your primary detachment, you can re-roll Warlord Traits
– if a unit of cultists from this formation fails a morale test, you can choose to remove them as casualties.
– each time you spend blood tithe pts, chose a second lesser result than the first, and apply both effects.
1 HQ from the list- Chaos Lord, Daemon Prince, Herald, Blood Throne, Bloodthirster of Unfettered fury, Skulltaker


2-4 Chaos Bikers
1-4 Flesh Hounds
– move through cover
– preferred enemy-psykers
– flesh hounds have hammer of wrath and bikers gain shred for their hammer of wrath attacks

Khorne’s Bloodstorm

2-4 Raptors
1-4 Warp Talons
0-1 Heldrake
– hammer of wrath and vector strikes gain +1 S

Brazen Onslaught

1-4 Chaos Terminators
2-4 Bloodcrushers
– if outnumbered in close combat, add 1 to attack characteristics

Charnel Cohort

1 HQ- Daemon Prince, Herald, Blood Throne, Skulltaker
2-8 Bloodletters
1-4 Flesh Hounds
1-4 Bloodcrushers
0-4 Skull Cannons
– counter attack
– if this is your primary detachment, you can re-roll Warlord Traits
– if HQ is in deepstrike reserve, you can re-roll its reserves roll. Other models do not scatter if placed within 6″ of this unit, even on the turn they arrive.

Warhammer 40K Necron Mephrit Dynasty Datasheets

Until the 7th Edition Necron hardcover codex drops, the Necron Mephrit Dynasty Datasheets are the only way for Necrons to have access to Relics and race specific Warlord traits.

 THe Mephrit Dynasty intro

Warlord Traits

Meprit Dynasty Warlord Traits


Relics of the War in Heaven

Force Org Chart

Meprit Dynasty Cohort Formation


THe Guardians of Perdita Formation

Conclave of the Burning One Formation Necron Formation Anrakyrs strategic Decurion Zathusas Rolyal Decurion

Warhammer 40K Tyranid Forces of the Leviathan Sneak Peek at the Detachment and Formations

Shield of Baal: Leviathan leaks are on the net already

Forces of the Leviathan Index

As rumored, there are six new Datasheets. Six creatrures and Six Formations

Leviathan Detachment and Warlord Traits

The New Detachemnt allows 3 HQs, with a minimum of 3 Troop Choices, rerolls on the New Warlord Traits table, and Rerolls on Instinctive behavior tablesHyperToxic Node Formation Neural Node Formation SkyBlight Swarn Formation SkyTyrantSwarm Formation Sporefield Formation