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Print your own Paper Cardstock Warhammer 40K Armored Munitorum Containers Terrain

This is what I’ve been up to the last few days.

Containers (4)

Started by printing out this image.
Armored Munitorum Cargo Container 2x4 Blue

Cut it out, then glued it to a cereal box.
Containers (1)

I notched where the folds were, then flipped it over. Next, I took a ruler and pen and scored the fold line on the back.
Containers (3)

Fold and glue.
Containers (2)

Alternate color schemes


Armored Munitorum Cargo Container 2x4 Red

Armored Munitorum Cargo Container 2x4 Green

Armored Munitorum Cargo Container 2x4

Warhammer Fantasy Age Of Sigmar Rules Preview sneak peak leak

A few days ahead of their official release, the 4 pages of core rules from the new Warhammer Fanatsy Age of Sigmar, which will be turning up in this weeks White Dwarf, for those of you who want them in print.





The core rules and Warscolls (dataslates) for all existing Warhammer Fantasy Armies will be avialble July 4th on the offical Games Wokshop website .

Despite the doom and gloom, I imagine rulebooks will follow in the coming months, as it is rumored that the next couple of months will be heralded by almost entirely Age of SIgmar releases.

Zombicide Survivor Adam


“Gruff” Miniature by Hasslefree

Took a stab at making a custom Zombicide Survivor. He has some useful skills but ZERO combat related upgrades. If you try him out in your Zombicide games I’d love to hear feedback on him.

Bobba Fett D&D Assassin, Now in Amazing Technicolor

David Wears, a.k.a. Kiladecus, was kind enough to spend some time coloring the great Bobba Fett.

I tweaked it a bit and ta da !!!


Bobba Fett D&D Assassin Paper Miniature

One of the players in my D&D campaign got the idea in his head to make name his Rogue “Bobba Fett“, so I made this paper miniature for him.


I absolutely stole the idea for the miniature from Jose Dominguez’s Brian Fett

HAPPY HALLOWEEN – Treat from Dark Mook

For one month only, Adam Steel, a.k.a. Dark Mook, has provided us with a great Halloween themed Freebie from his Survivial Horro Line of Models

A great werewolf and human hunter/survivor great for any modern horror RPG or tabletop Miniatures skirmish. The models are 30mm scale with full front and backside art. Adam Steel has a great art style.

If you’ve never encountered any of Adam’s Occult Terrors line this is a perfect opportunity to get your hands on some.

Thank you Adam, for supplying us with this tasty Halloween treat !!

Robopocalypse – Free Robot Paper Models

Look out for these rampaging Robots !!