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Free Printable Blood Bowl Resources 2010

Blood Bowl Pic

I put together a list of free printable Blood Bowl resources.

BLOOD BOWL DUGOUTS – I made these simple to use black and white dugouts to keep track of turns, re-rolls, reserves, KO’d, Dead, and Injured.

SCATTER TEMPLATES – Any time the ball leaves a player’s hands and touches the field it scatters. I made these simple to use black and white templates to replace the out of print ones from the box set.

BLOOD BOWL 6TH Edition – Yorkshire Turf Edition
This version of the living rulebook was put together by BB Fanatics and incorporates the 3 approved teams missing from the GW version of the rulebook, as well as a nicer layout, and includes some of the popular optional rules.

BLUE REFERENCE CARD – includes most of the tables you would use during a game, from Zlurpee.

RED REFERENCE CARD – includes the pre and post game charts, as well as the campaign charts, from Zlurpee.

GREEN REFERENCE CARD – Has all the passing rules and can replace the passing measuring tool, from Zlurpee.

I made this pitch, it’s 300 DPI, nearly 70 Megs, and 24″x36″. Clicking on the image will direct you to the full sized version.

WarGames Factory SciFi GreatCoats Sneak Peak

I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves


These highly anticipated mdoels were delayed when WGF decided to redesign them from the ground up, after seeing the greater detail they could add to a model when they completed their viking set. It appears to be have been worth the wait.

Plastic Krack

Plastic Krack is a newest website put together by Nate Slater, founder of .  Plastic Krack is to minaitures what Woot is to consumer elctronics. New items are added regulary, one product at a time untill the inventory is liquidated. Imperial Guard Shadowswords, Ork Stompas, and Realms of Battle Gaming boards have been offered at significant discounts, for those lucky enought to get them while supplies last. There is even a mailing list that gives it’s members a heads up when new items are listed. If you play Warhammer 40K or Fantasy, or are just interested in Games Workshop Models in general, you should give a look.

BitzKingdom  offers Games Workshop Miniatures at a discount, friendly customer service, and reasonable shipping rates. Bitz orders are usually under what Neil at is asking and his discounts on whole models is greater as well.

I’m a member of the, and a happy customer, so I figured I’d spread the news