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Eldar Runeweaver Host – Start Collecting Box Formation

Dropping this week at a GW store near you is the New Eldar Start Collecting box


For $85US you’ll get a Farseer Skyrunner, a Fire Prism, and 3 Windriders. It’s definitely more competitive than the old Eldar Battleforce, and a good buy if you want to buy mulitples

The Special Formation for this Start Collecting box it the Eldar Runeweaver Host.

 Eldar Runeweaver Host

  • 1 Farseer
  • 1 unit of Windriders
  • 1 Fire Prism

Restrictions: The Farseer must be upgraded to a Farseer Skyrunner

Special Rules: Weaver of Runes: The Fire Prism’s weapons all have the Twin-Linked special rule when targeting an enemy unit that the Runeweaver Host’s Farseer has a line of sight to.


Warhammer 40K Munitorum Armored Container Cache Dataslate Sneak Peak

It’s a terrain, objective marker, fortication 3 pack !!

Munitorum Armored Container Cache


Each container rolls in at 40pts and has Storm Bolters, the ammo dump upgrade, and the Promethium rules that popped up in the Promethium Pipeline.

They are each setup seperately, so you can pretty much wall yourself in for 120pts.

Warhammer Fantasy Age Of Sigmar Rules Preview sneak peak leak

A few days ahead of their official release, the 4 pages of core rules from the new Warhammer Fanatsy Age of Sigmar, which will be turning up in this weeks White Dwarf, for those of you who want them in print.





The core rules and Warscolls (dataslates) for all existing Warhammer Fantasy Armies will be avialble July 4th on the offical Games Wokshop website .

Despite the doom and gloom, I imagine rulebooks will follow in the coming months, as it is rumored that the next couple of months will be heralded by almost entirely Age of SIgmar releases.

Warhammer 40,000 Khorne Daemonkin Formations Preview


The main feature of the Khorne Daemonkin formations is that they follow the same new format of the Necron Decurion where you pick a core formation and add supllementary formations instead of using the tradition Combined Arms Detachment.


2-8 Chaos Space Marines, Berserkers, or Bloodletters
1-4 Possessed
0-2 Chaos Cultists
0-2 Chaos Spawn
– if this is your primary detachment, you can re-roll Warlord Traits
– if a unit of cultists from this formation fails a morale test, you can choose to remove them as casualties.
– each time you spend blood tithe pts, chose a second lesser result than the first, and apply both effects.
1 HQ from the list- Chaos Lord, Daemon Prince, Herald, Blood Throne, Bloodthirster of Unfettered fury, Skulltaker


2-4 Chaos Bikers
1-4 Flesh Hounds
– move through cover
– preferred enemy-psykers
– flesh hounds have hammer of wrath and bikers gain shred for their hammer of wrath attacks

Khorne’s Bloodstorm

2-4 Raptors
1-4 Warp Talons
0-1 Heldrake
– hammer of wrath and vector strikes gain +1 S

Brazen Onslaught

1-4 Chaos Terminators
2-4 Bloodcrushers
– if outnumbered in close combat, add 1 to attack characteristics

Charnel Cohort

1 HQ- Daemon Prince, Herald, Blood Throne, Skulltaker
2-8 Bloodletters
1-4 Flesh Hounds
1-4 Bloodcrushers
0-4 Skull Cannons
– counter attack
– if this is your primary detachment, you can re-roll Warlord Traits
– if HQ is in deepstrike reserve, you can re-roll its reserves roll. Other models do not scatter if placed within 6″ of this unit, even on the turn they arrive.

FREE Dave Graffam Miniatures Terrain Paper Model: Observatory


Enjoy this cool new FREE model from the minds of Thomas Weaver (AKA Tommygun) and Dave Graffam . Tommy’s geometry combined with Dave’s textures give you something fun and unique to add to your fantasy, medieval or steampunk games.

The Observatory is designed to work stand alone, or as an add-on to Dave’s upcoming Inventor’s House model, so if you’re planning to pick that one up, this is a great way to get started on it.


REBEL MINIs purveyors of fine 15mm and 6mm miniatures is branching out into the SUPER HERO 15mm Niche !!
REbel Minis 15mm Greens

From their blog:

This week we are going to show some greens from two new categories we are starting. Our main focus is always 15mm sci-fi and modern/horror, so to change things up a bit and for some new experiences, I am glad to announce these new categories.

15mm SuperHeroes and Villians
We don’t have a name for these guys yet, but we will have some soon. My background is in comics so I have always had a warm and fuzzy for the whole comic books scene. These are sculpted by an amazing sculptor named Pierre Francois Jacquet. They kick-ass.

We have not decided who is a good guy and who is a villian. It is tough choose. If you guys have any suggestions.. let us know! I’ll also have a scenario later for Supers vs Zombies.

DC Adventures RPG Heroes & Villains Volume I preview

Over on the AtomicThinkTank forums the following characters have been revealed to be included in DC Adventures, Heroes & Villains, Volume I

Abra Kadabra
Agent Liberty
Iris Allen
All-Star Squadron
Aqualad (both old and new)
Atom, Al Pratt
Atom Smasher
Atomic Skull (newest)
Batgirl, Barbara Gordon
Batgirl, Stephanie Brown
Big Barda
Black Hand
Black Lantern Corps.
Blockbuster, Mark Desmond
Blockbuster, Roland Desmond
Blue Devil
Blue Devil (original suit)
Blue Lantern Corps.
Brainiac, Milton Fine
Bronze Tiger
Brother Blood (the last few)
Brotherhood of Evil
Captain Boomerang, old
Captain Boomerang, young
Captain Cold
Captain Comet
Captain Marvel, Jr.
Snapper Carr
Cat Man
Chameleon Boy
Cheetah, Priscilla Rich
Cheetah, Sebastian Ballesteros
Clayface (big lumpy version)
Colossal Boy
John Constantine
Cosmic Boy
Count Vertigo
Crimson Avenger, Lee Travis
Crimson Avenger, unknown black woman
Demons Three
Doctor Light, Kimiyo Hoshi
Doctor Polaris
Doctor Psycho
Doctor Sivana
Dream Girl
Duplicate Damsel
Eclipso, Jean Loring preferred
Element Lad
Evil Star
Fatal Five
Firestorm, Jason
Firestorm, Ronnie
Flash, Jay Garrick
Flash, Wally West
Floronic Man
Lucius Fox
Freedom Fighters
The General
General Immortus
Green Lantern, Guy Gardner
Green Lantern, Kyle Rayner
Green Lantern, Alan Scott
Green Lantern, John Stewart
Hawkgirl, Kendra
Heat Wave
Hector Hammond
Jonah Hex
Hourman, Rick Tyler
Tim Hunter
Injustice Gang
Injustice Society
Jakeem Thunder
Johnny Thunder
Johnny Quick
Karate Kid
Killer Croc
Killer Moth (armored, not buggy)
Lady Vic
Mary Marvel
Manta Men, minions of Black Manta
Linda Park
Alfred Pennyworth
Tempest (former Aqualad)
Dr. Leslie Thompkins