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Warhammer 40K Tyranid Codex Sneak Peeks

The Hive Fleets are nearly upon us, and snippets of the codex have leaked past the watchful eyes of the Inquisition

Hive Fleet abilities all seem pretty solid. Behomoth is great for Deep Strikers, Kronos is great for Gun Lines, and Jormungandr increases overall survivability.

Faction Abilities

Strategems always add some interesting curve balls to throw your opponents way.


New Psychic powers, so you can do something other than Smite

Psychic Abilities

Genestealers gain a new way to get onto the board with “infestation” and Acid Maws will ruin anyones day.


The Index version was rather lackluster, but the Codex Carnifex gets some real love.


Carnifex 2

The Swardlord’s prehensile tail is now an additional attack, and bone swords do additional mortal wounds on a roll 6+

The Swarmlord

Warhammer 40K: Wrath of Magnus Sneak Peak

Due out later this week Wrath of Magnus. Full of Tzeentchy goodness for both Warhammer 40K Chaos Space Marines and Warhammer 40K Chaos Daemons players.



















40K Rumors: Blue is the new Pink, Horrors that is

Blue Horrors are back in 40K, after being lost in the warp for years. For those of you don’t remember, there was a time when a Pink Horror would split into 2 Blue Horrors upon it’s death. GW, strong with nostalgia, has brough this phenomena back, and upped the ante to boot.


Now, not only do Pink Horrors split into 2 blue horrors upon their death, but Blue Horrors now split upon their demise as well. Replace each slain Blue Horror with a Brimstone Horror base (2 models, 1 base.)


Brimstone Horrors were introduced into the Warhammer Universe earlier this year when they were included in the Silver Tower Boardgame. At the moment, Silver Tower is the only official channel to aquire Brimstone Horrors. Rest assured, GW will capitalise on this and release them in their own box shortly.


Warhammer 40K Adeptus Mechanicus Skitarii Dataslate Previews

Complements of White Dwarf Issue 61

Dataslate Ironstrider Ballistarii Dataslate Skitarii Vanguard Dataslate Skitarrii Rangers Dataslate Sydonian Dragoons Skitarii Wargear

Warhammer 40K Blood Angels Codex Insights and Sneak Peeks

The Blood Angels codex is the first to include Adeptus Astartes in it’s title.

Codex Adeptus Astartes Blood Angels

White Dwarf 45, coming out later this week gives us our first views of the new and improved Blood Angels Tactical Squad.

White Dwarf 45 Cover

Armor – Blood Angels Iconagraphy sculpted onto the armor, and the SGT has the cool Mordred Style, nipple armor, that used to be resreved for the Blood Angels models in Artificer Armor.

Weapons – They are shown with a specialist sporting a Grav Gun, and a heavy wielding a heavy flamer, both new options for Blood Angels Tactical marines. Salamanders are just green with envy.

Blood Angels Tactical Squad

We have the answer to what Blood Talons are going to do in 7E

Blood Talon

BLLOD TALONS S x2 AP 2 Melee, Shred, Specialist Weapon

Magna Grapple

Sanguinary Guard and Dreadnaughts

Sauguinary Guard

There was a bit of a stir, earlier this week when Sanguinary Guard dissapeared fromt he GW online store, and then wild accsations of them being removed from the codex were thrown around. They are in the codex, so it appears they are safe, and they bringing friends. Although it’s too blurry to read probably it can be made out that additional Sanguinary Guard can be bought above the original squad size of 5.

The Dreadnaught pictured appears to be the stock standard Space Marine dreadnaught, and not the Blood Angels Furioso Dreadnaught we have come to love in the Elite slot. Looks like the basic dread is being put in Elite to be more in line with Codex Space Marines.

New Sanguinary Priest model being released as well

Sanguinary Priest

Mantic Games Kings Of War 2nd Edition Changes Cheat Sheet

With the Kings of War Fantasy Battles Game 2nd Edtion Kickstarter wrapping up this weekend a playtesting Cheat Sheet of some the game changes has popped up on the web.

KoW 2nd Edition CHanges Quicksheet

The changes are all pretty positive.

Line of sight is clarified, Zap Users get a buff, debuff powers added to their arsenal, Elite and Vicious reroll all 1’s not just a single die, etc..

Calvary and Warmachines generally accepted as being just a little to good get some minor nerfage.

War Engines need to pointed the right way before firing and their new damage is in the mdeian range of their old damage. While artiliery’s maximum damage is lower, it’s mininum damage it twice what it used to be,

Calvary’s Crushing Strength rating will mostly be replaced with the new Thunderous Charge ability, which essentially functions like Crushing Strength but is lost when Disrupted or Disorderd.

Warhammer 40K New Tyranid Broodlord Sneak Peek

New Warhammer 40K Tyranid Broodlord sculpt spotted in the Shield of Baal: Leviathan book.

New Tryanid Broodlord (1)

New Tryanid Broodlord (2)

New Tryanid Broodlord (3)

New Tryanid Broodlord (4)

There was some early confustion with people confusing this model with the Space Hulk version, but it is a different sculpt in a very similar style. It’s also apparently pretty huge by the looks of it.

It’s speculated as being one of the models in the rumored Shield Of Baal Campaign Box