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Warhammer 40K Tyranid Codex Sneak Peeks

The Hive Fleets are nearly upon us, and snippets of the codex have leaked past the watchful eyes of the Inquisition

Hive Fleet abilities all seem pretty solid. Behomoth is great for Deep Strikers, Kronos is great for Gun Lines, and Jormungandr increases overall survivability.

Faction Abilities

Strategems always add some interesting curve balls to throw your opponents way.


New Psychic powers, so you can do something other than Smite

Psychic Abilities

Genestealers gain a new way to get onto the board with “infestation” and Acid Maws will ruin anyones day.


The Index version was rather lackluster, but the Codex Carnifex gets some real love.


Carnifex 2

The Swardlord’s prehensile tail is now an additional attack, and bone swords do additional mortal wounds on a roll 6+

The Swarmlord

Warhammer 40K Tyranid Forces of the Leviathan Sneak Peek at the Detachment and Formations

Shield of Baal: Leviathan leaks are on the net already

Forces of the Leviathan Index

As rumored, there are six new Datasheets. Six creatrures and Six Formations

Leviathan Detachment and Warlord Traits

The New Detachemnt allows 3 HQs, with a minimum of 3 Troop Choices, rerolls on the New Warlord Traits table, and Rerolls on Instinctive behavior tablesHyperToxic Node Formation Neural Node Formation SkyBlight Swarn Formation SkyTyrantSwarm Formation Sporefield Formation

Warhammer 40K New Tyranid Broodlord Sneak Peek

New Warhammer 40K Tyranid Broodlord sculpt spotted in the Shield of Baal: Leviathan book.

New Tryanid Broodlord (1)

New Tryanid Broodlord (2)

New Tryanid Broodlord (3)

New Tryanid Broodlord (4)

There was some early confustion with people confusing this model with the Space Hulk version, but it is a different sculpt in a very similar style. It’s also apparently pretty huge by the looks of it.

It’s speculated as being one of the models in the rumored Shield Of Baal Campaign Box

Warhammer 40K Zoanthrope Brood Datasheet sneak Peak, and Venomthrope Sighting

White Dwarf 42 Dropped this week and it’s chock full of Tyranid love

First up we have a good look at the new Venomthropes.

Venomthropes New

Before seeing this pic, I heard a few people mention concers about them being monopose, but it looks like you work the tentacles around to get some variety out of them.

Datasheet Zoanthrope Brood Proper

And there is a proper look at the Zoanthroper Brood Datasheet.

It’s also worth mentioning that GW has confimed that all the new Tyranid datasheets, and 6 new Tyranid Formations, will be included in the Shield Of Baal: Leviathan Campaign Book.

Shield of Baal Leviathan

New Tyranids detachment rules and Warlord Traits to represent the composition of the forces of Hive Fleet Leviathan
• New Datasheets for the Mucalid Spore Cluster, Zoanthrope Brood, Maleceptor, Toxicrene, Tyrannocyte, Sporocyst and Mucolid Spore
• 6 new Tyranids formations

Warhammer 40K Zoanthrope Brood with Neurothrope Datasheet

Another peak into White Dwarf 42 brings us a look at the  Zoanthrope Brood. The Neurothrope is an upgraded Zoanthrope.

Zoanthrope Datasheet

ZOANTHROPE WS 3 BS 4 S 4 T 4 W 2 I 3 A 1 Ld 10 Sv 5+/3++ 50 pts

Warp Blast + 1 Additional Powers of the Hive Mind

NEUROTHROPE WS 3 BS 4 S 4 T 4 W 2 I 3 A 1 Ld 10 Sv 5+/3++ 75 pts

Adds Spirit Leech Psychic Power to Brood as long as it’s alive

 Both have the following special rules: Botherhood of the Psykers Level 2, Shadow of the Warp, Synapse Creature, and Very Bulky

Warhammer 40K Sporocyst, Trannocyte, and Mucolid Spore Cluster Datasheets

It’s a safe bet that the Sporocyst, Trannocyte, and Mucolid Spore Cluster Datasheets will be up on the GW site propper, with links in the the model description, and on the ForgeWorld Site under the Free downloads section, but this Week White Dwarf 41 has given us a sneak peak.

Mucolid Spore Size Comparison

The Muclid Spore and the Tryannocite share the same tentacles, so you can build the Tryannocite, OR the Sporocyst and Mucolid Spore. In either case you also get 6 spore mines, so those should pile up fast for anyonew looking for a Drop Pod heavy list.

Datasheet Sporocyst Proper Datasheet Mucolid Spore Cluster Proper Datasheet Tyannocyte

Warhammer 40K Venomthropes and Zoanthropes are back better than ever

Speculation of a new plastic kit were flying around last week when Venomthropes and Zoanthropes suddenly disappeared from the GW online store. This week White Dwarf leaks confirms Tyranid Venomthropes and Zoanthropes being released a plastic 3 models combo kit for $66.

Venomthropes Box ARTNew Neurothrope model sighted as well


No confirmation yet, but can a new Tyranid Codex Supplement really be that far off ?

We have new Maleceptor, Toxicrene, Sporocyst, Trannocyte, Mucloid Spore clusters models with rules only in print a White Dwarf.  New Venomthropes, Zoanthropes, and Neurothropes models. Upcoming Tyranid and Blood Angel Campaign Shield of Baal: Leviathan, and a codex without a supplement. Eldar, Ork, Marines, Guard, Tau, Dark Eldar, Space Wolves, amd Chaos Marines all have Codex supplements. Only Tyranids, Grey Knights, and Imperial Knights have in print Hard cover codexes without a supplemental codex.

See Page 52

GW loves to copy and paste and is not so good at editing. Either that, or they love leaving us Easter Eggs.

White Dwarfs only have 32 pages, and this rules bit from the sporocyst references page 52.

Further proof a codex supplement is on the way ?