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Great Progress on the Greatcoats

Great Coat grenade Launcher

Great Coat Heavy weapons

Great Coat Flame Thrower

Having computer troubles and am unable to get the pics showing. I’ll get them working shortly. In the mean time the links will bring you directly tot he threads showing some of the images.

WarGames Factory SciFi GreatCoats Sneak Peak

I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves


These highly anticipated mdoels were delayed when WGF decided to redesign them from the ground up, after seeing the greater detail they could add to a model when they completed their viking set. It appears to be have been worth the wait.


Two Hour Wargames has given us a Halloween Treat !

DOG SOILDERS is a FREE supplement to CHAIN REACTION 3.0.  It’s based on the 2002 horror film of the same name. 

British Special Ops forces verses Werewolves.

This is released only a week after Ed mentioned the upcoming ALL THINGS HORROR. A supplement for both ATZ and NUTS fearturing supernatural forces, other than zombies.

My guess is this is a preview of what we can expect to come.

Werewolves lack ranged attacks, but have a basic move of 12″ , add 2d6 in melee, and fast move 2X on pass 1d6,  to make up for it.

DarkMook of OneMonk Miniatures is currently working on Werewolf paper miniatures, originally scheduled for Halloween release, but are now delayed.

WarGames Factory has multipart plastic Werewolves in the Libery and Union League pre-order section.

Near Future 28mm Weapon Sprue at WGF

This is the proposed setup for the Near Future Weapons Sprue that is currently up for pre-order.

The final cost per sprue is usually somewhere between $4-5 each.

Pre-ordering costs you nothing !!! So if your remotely interested in picking up these bad boys go over to Wargames Factory and pre-order some of these bad boys. Production will go into effects once 1000 sprues ahve been pre-orderd.

The full discussion about the sprue and it’s contents is located here: