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Blood Bowl Score Board

I needed a way to keep track of the score when using some of my gaming mats, so I whipped this little gem up,

The original idea was to just add the score plaques as needed and keep the rest to the side, but I found it’s more practical to leave them on and just remove them as needed. Which of course means I need to make zome Zeros.

With some paint it looks more like this

Free Printable Blood Bowl Resources 2010

Blood Bowl Pic

I put together a list of free printable Blood Bowl resources.

BLOOD BOWL DUGOUTS – I made these simple to use black and white dugouts to keep track of turns, re-rolls, reserves, KO’d, Dead, and Injured.

SCATTER TEMPLATES – Any time the ball leaves a player’s hands and touches the field it scatters. I made these simple to use black and white templates to replace the out of print ones from the box set.

BLOOD BOWL 6TH Edition – Yorkshire Turf Edition
This version of the living rulebook was put together by BB Fanatics and incorporates the 3 approved teams missing from the GW version of the rulebook, as well as a nicer layout, and includes some of the popular optional rules.

BLUE REFERENCE CARD – includes most of the tables you would use during a game, from Zlurpee.

RED REFERENCE CARD – includes the pre and post game charts, as well as the campaign charts, from Zlurpee.

GREEN REFERENCE CARD – Has all the passing rules and can replace the passing measuring tool, from Zlurpee.

I made this pitch, it’s 300 DPI, nearly 70 Megs, and 24″x36″. Clicking on the image will direct you to the full sized version.